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We've kept our call charges as simple as possible and we'll always give you the best prices we can.

Calling within the UK?

Our rates for calling numbers within the UK are some of the most competitive and we charge by the second meaning you only pay for what you use, not for the nearest whole minute.


01, 02 numbers

0.5p peak 0.5p off-peak

Free Calls





Most UK mobiles

1.2p peak 1.2p off-peak

Other Calls




Local Services

0845 numbers

4.9p peak 1.8p off-peak

Emergency Calls




Calling internationally?

We also have some of the cheapest international call rates. Just some of our low call rates for some of the most popular destinations to both landlines and mobiles are shown below and other countries can be selected from the drop down menu.

Landlines Mobiles
USA 1p peak
1p off-peak
1p peak
1p off-peak
France 0.7p peak
0.7p off-peak
8.3p peak
8.3p off-peak
Australia 1.2p peak
1.2p off-peak
3.4p peak
3.4p off-peak
Hong Kong 2.7p peak
2.7p off-peak
3.2p peak
3.2p off-peak
Belgium 9.9p peak
9.9p off-peak
40.1p peak
40.1p off-peak
Japan 3.4p peak
3.4p off-peak
5.4p peak
5.4p off-peak
Spain 0.4p peak
0.4p off-peak
23.6p peak
23.6p off-peak
Landlines Mobiles
Ireland 0.7p peak
0.7p off-peak
2p peak
2p off-peak
Germany 0.3p peak
0.3p off-peak
2p peak
2p off-peak
China 4.9p peak
4.9p off-peak
4.9p peak
4.9p off-peak
Poland 1.2p peak
1.2p off-peak
17.8p peak
17.8p off-peak
Greece 3.8p peak
3.8p off-peak
10.3p peak
10.3p off-peak
Italy 0.3p peak
0.3p off-peak
33.1p peak
33.1p off-peak
Russia 29.9p peak
29.9p off-peak
36.2p peak
36.2p off-peak

All chargeable (non-free) calls are subject to a connection cost of 1p per call. Prices provided are just an indication as exact amount will depend on the exact location within a country (for example, mobile networks can be more expensive than calling fixed lines) and may change at any time. Per second billing applies to all calls. When calling an 09 (premium rate) or 118 (directory service) number, our access charge is 0.9p per minute. When calling an 08 (any chargeable non-geographic destination i.e not freephone) number, our access charge is 0.59p per minute. A full list of charges can be found within the VoIP control panel.